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It's with a great honor and pleasure that I will take part and be a speaker at the very first Croatian and International Osteopathic Congress, supported by the OsEAN : Osteopathic European Academic Network.

Its topic will be : Children, the brain and the heart.

Amongst other guest lecturers, who will speak on the following topics: Epigenetics and the heart and brain; osteopathy and heart rate variability; osteopathy and sensory integration in treatment of autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions; osteopathic treatment of children with poor posture; osteopathic evaluation of babies, I will have the opportunity to present a several months work about how osteopathy can help children with autistic syndrom.

More precisely, my work was to assess the potential help Osteopathy can provide for children suffering both intestinal functional troubles and autistic syndrom, as both are frequently associated.

The very large spectrum as well in the treated subjects as in the lecturers backgrounds and nationalities will make this congress a passionating event : sharing and improving our art of osteopathy !

Links to the congress and to the speakers

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